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A Successful Year

Elliot Seymour
The recent economic woes have not made business easy, but we have continued to strive forward with development over the last 12 months and are in the final phase of completing our most advanced ware handling system to date. This total system is semi automatic and can be purchased in two formats, a 2+3 handling system and a 3+3 handling system. More details are available on the new website providing FAQ’s, product videos and technical support. The 3+3 synchronised handling system project cost over £450,000 to develop and has taken two years to ensure the fully functional system is ready for glass handling speeds of c1000bpm

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our first year since the management restructure took place in July 2008. It gives me great pleasure to announce Jon Wilson has joined the company as Financial Director, Company Secretary and also a shareholder. Jon, a Chartered Accountant and holder of an MBA, has been with Sheppee International for 6 months as a Director Designate.

As a company we are still expanding and focusing on assisting companies with ware handling issues. In these tough economic times it has never been more important to make maximum efficiency gains. The new ware handling system we have developed allows glass makers to achieve significant improvements to warehandling performance reducing the need to re-melt good quality containers as a result of fallen ware. Our product range has not only been enhanced for performance but also for spares minimisation and as far as possible, one machine does all… for instance the updated HST-6000 can now handle all bottles from diameter 20mm to 170mm on the same transfer and still reach handling speeds of around 500bpm.

As part of our growth strategy we are strengthening our team, improving the services we offer, and continuing the high investment in product development. With effect from July 1st we have added two new service engineers to our team. We are in the final stages of refurbishing our training centre where training can be given in the UK to our customers on any of our product range in a clean quiet working environment. We are improving support with the help of our agent network and 24hr web support to assist customers outside of our time zone. Recently such improvements have led to a significant increase in orders from China, Thailand and India.

And finally a big thank you to all our customers for your support. We look forward to providing customers old and new with equipment and service that is synonymous with the worlds leading supplier of Ware Handling Equipment.

Elliott Seymour – Managing Director


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