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Sheppee continues to be preferred supplier for ware handling equipment in small ware/perfume/pharmac

Sheppee are pleased to announce the recent installation of four Tri-Flex Servo Lehr loaders to Stolzle Knottingley. The Tri-Flex machines are replacing the older generation Speed Liner mechanical Lehr loaders which have served as work horses at the Knottingley facility for the past furnace campaign. The technology used on the Tri-Flex Lehr loaders allows for individual job storage, full motion and profile/cam adjustment to adjust to allow the ware handler the necessary tools to achieve their goal with ease. All three servomotors, their respective drives and cabling are fully interchangeable thus minimising the spares holding requirement for the Tri-flex Lehr loader.

The flexible 3 axis lehr loaders were supplied complete with ware steady assemblies offering a very flexible platform for the ware handling of the many different sizes, shapes, speeds and stability of containers produced by Stolzle.


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