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CDU - Conveyor Unit
Conveyor Drive Unit
Efficient Increased Production
Operating principles

As transfer speeds increase container stability becomes critical during the transfer from the machine conveyor to the cross conveyor.

This stability is compromised by premature wear on the dead plate. As speeds increase so does the wear on the dead plate.

The Sheppee CDU unit is designed to prolong this premature wear and thereby increase container stability. It does this by replacing the standard static transfer dead plate with an indexing unit.

As the containers travel over a traditional static dead plate it wear’s a groove in it, on the CDU unit the indexing dead plate is constantly moving along its longitudinal axis thereby exposing a new transfer platform to the container. This system greatly extends the life of the dead plate and more importantly ensures the smooth transfer of the container.

The CDU unit is designed to complement the VFT Transfer for ULTRA HIGH SPEED APLICATIONS.

Complete with integrated cross conveyor end structure for total level transferring surface.

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CDU brochure (PDF)

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