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6 Axis Ware Handling System

The Sheppee ware handling control of system can include a combination of equipment, all with the intention of providing a total solution, which offers great benefits to the customer.

Speed and positional synchronisation are key to the success of any ware handling with package. By combining either the latest 2 or 3 axis servo driven lehr loader with the control of the cross conveyor, ware transfer and the IS machine conveyor, this allows the ware handling package to control these important mechanical elements, which in turn gives more accurate control and increased productivity.

Features and Benefits
  • Programmable pushbar motion Easy to use 15” colour touch screen interface
  • Full job storage and on-line editing facility. Saved jobs can be operational in a few minutes
  • Easy, accessible user help files
  • Staggered stack and bottle sort facility
  • Ware reject control
  • Integral control panel & cooling system as standard
  • 3 identical brushless AC servo motors
  • Remote diagnostic facility available
  • USB connection for job data back-up or transfer
  • Recommended service every 5 years
  • Synchronised by trigger impulse from IS machine controller
  • Password protected operational features
  • Operator interface available in customer language
  • Mounting rails fitted as standard
  • Adjustable pushbar mounting
  • IPC with removable hardrive
  • Electronic gearing for IS machine conveyor, ware transfer drive and cross conveyor
  • Pre-determined gearing for Sheppee transfer units already written in to program
  • Ware transfer – finger timing advance/retard button – moves finger 2mm each time button is pressed
  • Interchangeable unidrives (reduces the number of spares required)
  • Interchangeable servo motors (reduces the number of spares required)
  • 2.5” hardrive (IPC)
  • Belt advance facility incorporated to compensate for belt stretch for both the machine conveyor and cross conveyor
  • Remote IEC style cabinet, housing servo drives, which can be sited up to 100m away from the servo motors
  • Remote panel cooling options
  • Connection facility to ware reject and gob interceptor
  • Programmable PLIZ E-stop system with:
    • Individual remote emergency stop buttons – to be mounted close to the servo drives
    • Individual remote process stop buttons – to be mounted close to the servo drives
    • Individual remote isolators – to be mounted close to the servo drives
Operating Speed
Up to 20 cycles per minute (maximum cross conveyor speed of 35m/min)

Controller type:
Servo drives with integrated motion control

Minimum lehr operating height:

Operating temperature of motors:
Up To 125°C

Compressed cooling air consumption:
3 minimum - 5 Bar recommended

Control panel cooling air consumption:
30m³/hour (Max)

Required ware steady air pressure:
0-3 Bar

Ware steady air consumption:
0.09m³/hour at 10 cycles per minute

Service Requirements
Connection to centralised Lincoln lubrication system (if applicable)

Lubrication frequency – 4-6 cycles per hour depending on speeds

Trigger pulse from IS machine controller

Compressed air

Network availability required for remote support module
Available Options
Large and small frame sizes

Fully adjustable ware steady assembly with on line electrical adjustments

Air Conditioning unit for remote control panel

Remote Support Module inc Online Remote Access

Lubrication system
  • Grease – uses integrated grease pump and timer
Back up laptop
Watch Video
Six Axis Servo video

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