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Synchroflex Drives
Synchronous Flexible Drive System
Efficient Increased Production
Features and Benefits
  • Guaranteed frequency stability, regardless of load
  • Only requires basic electrical knowledge for maintenance
  • Eliminates need for separate control cabinet, thus greatly reducing overall costs
  • Simplified system operation results In reduced downtime
  • User-friendly operating systems; no computer knowledge required
  • Electronic gearing flexibilty
  • Improved gob weight stability and fast, automatic line synchronizing

Sheppee International Ltd introduces the latest development to complement its long standing place in the market with drive system technology.

Syncroflex 3.0 uses the very latest state of the art inverter technology, combined with its traditional and proven range of ‘Relsyn’ motors.

Alternatively, the system can also be configured for use with our recommended range of Servo-motors for high dynamic applications.

System control revolves around a simple to use text based user interface keypad.

The 8 line text based programme is clear and concise. All operator functions are based on familiar production terms rather than bespoke engineering terminology. Alarms and warnings are clearly displayed.

Engineering and commissioning settings are password protected. These areas permit maximum and minimum settings, machine mechanical gearing, electronic gearing, belt stretch compensation and reduced section working.

Controls are mounted behind an acrylic viewing window, including the inverter parameter / operator displays, which clearly show functions such as output frequency, motor current, motor speed, motor voltage, temperature warnings, hours run and trip/ history records.

Download brochure
Synchroflex brochure (PDF)

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